Air Filters


Air Filters

Used in a wide array of applications including automotive, heavy-duty vehicles, heavy equipment, compressors, etc., an air filter is a major component that feeds treated air to combustion chambers and hence contributes to extended service life and minimized performance loss of the motor while delivering the air needed for combustion. In these applications, cellulose or synthetic cellulose mixtures are used. Furthermore, performance-boosting air filters, designed to increase the amount of air delivered to the combustion chamber of the engine, are manufactured for sports cars.

Along with an in-depth professional experience of more than 35 years, Tempo Filtre manufactures high-quality air filters aligned to industrial dust collection systems and guarantee longer service life, higher reliability and less emission thanks to premium filtration media used in the construction, including but not limited to polyester, cellulose, laminated nanofibers, micro-fibreglass, Teflon coating (e-PTFE), and material groups resistant to water-oil-sparks. High pleating capability and outstanding dust holding capacity, resistance to moisture, inflammation and impact thanks to special coatings in the filtration media, and prevention of air leaks thanks to superior seals represent our key characteristics making this quality a reality.

In addition to the product range described above, Tempo Filtre is also capable of creating customized designs based on detailed technical drawings.