Oil Filters


Oil Filters

These filters are employed to remove friction-based particles from oil during the lubrication of moving parts of the engine. Air quality in the combustion chamber is also an oil-contaminating factor, and thanks to these filters, carbon wastes produced in oil are eliminated as well. Oil filter is not merely limited to these systems, but also employed in distinct industrial processes. The core purpose is to secure that lube oil has a clean and efficient function. And this requires the right oil filter.

Oil filters not timely replaced lead to serious problems in the engine, which can be listed as follows: Engine power degradation, oil leaks resulting in contamination, higher oil consumption and premature abrasion that may cause engine damage.

In its production line, Tempo Filtre manufactures distinct oil filtration members for various systems ranging from low-flow to high-flow processes, and meets the whole set of demands from the industry, primarily OEMs. Moreover, the company has the capability of offering products with customized specifications in line with customer demands. Relying upon high-quality filtration materials imported from Europe, our oil filters fulfil the stringent standards required by precise engine technologies.