Tempo Filtre started its business in 1995 to manufacture a wide range of filters for the heavy equipment and automotive market. Upgrading its technology driven by a 35-year in-depth experience, the company specialized in Dust Collector Filters (Polyester, e-PTFE) and Fibreglass Hydraulic Filters (Microglass).

Besides these two core areas, the company also manufactures various oil, fuel, air and chrome filters in its new and sophisticated plant. Filtration systems and project design services are other segments where the company is active. Offering training and consultancy services on filters and filtration systems, the company keeps up with technological trends to consistently expand its product spectrum, manufactures for a wide portfolio of domestic and international companies, including OEMs, and provides professional supplier services. Highly-specialized, experienced, dynamic and competent staff are ready to serve to all machine manufacturers and end users.