Dust Collector Filter Bags Manufacturers


Dust Collector Filter Bags Manufacturers

Dust Collector Filter Bags manufacturers, which differ according to the area of ​​use, are used in automotive, heavy duty vehicles, construction equipment, compressors, etc. It is an important part that provides the necessary air for the combustion process while sending the cleaned air to the combustion chambers in order to prolong the life of the engine and eliminate the performance losses in the vehicles. For this purpose, cellulose or synthetic cellulose mixture materials are used. In addition, performance-enhancing air filters are produced for sports cars that increase the amount of air entering the combustion chambers of the engine.

With more than 35+ years of experience, Tempo Filter produces in accordance with high quality industrial dust collection systems and the top quality filtration materials used are; Polyester, cellulose, laminated nanofibers, microfiberglass, teflon coating (e-PTFE), water-oil-spark resistant product groups, etc. Thanks to very sensitive raw materials, it can reach longer life, higher security and lower emission values. made significant precision manufacturing of air filter manufacturers in Turkey and higher pleat in achieving efficiency sensitive (fold) the number of large dust holding capacity of the filtration material of moisture by special coatings, the flammability and impact strength, high quality seal with the use of air leaks prevention methods are among our leading production features.

In addition to the product groups given above, Tempo Filter can produce special designed filters according to detailed technical drawings.


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Tempo Filtre Orjinal hidrolik yağ filtrelerinin kullanılması  hidrolik sistemlerinizin aşınma ve yıpranmaya karşı koruduğu gibi orjinal yağ filtreleri yağı ile kullanıldığında pislikleri de temizlemektedir.


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